Monday, 31 December 2012

Running Windows 8/7 and using TEdata as Internet provider 

and can't access the dead GUC portal?

1.Open Control panel

2.Navigate to "Network and Internet" the Network and sharing center 

4.Next to the connections there goes the name f the network you're connected to, now click it. on properties 

6.Under the "This connection uses the following items">> Check internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) click on its properties

7. Instead of Obtain DNS server automatically check use the following DNS servers and type in:

8. Click "OK" and there you go!

If this doesn't work for you please leave a post of what you;re facing.

Monday, 12 November 2012


- Think outside the box

Think outside the box is a poster inspired after checking 200+ artworks of great graphic designers, lots of thanks for and for the inspiration, hope you guys like! 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Never get Shy of your Failure, never!

Most of the people I know, friends or students, are too scared to fail that they prefer to not even try. They spend their lives trying to avoid failure and thinking that this is “success”. They can go on forever and not know what they are capable of or how unique they are just because of this unfriendly ghost called failure.
We are all familiar with the common sayings:
“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”
“We seem to gain wisdom more readily through our failures than through our successes ..”
I actually found loads of related quotes that have the same meaning. People are familiar of these quotes and their meanings but it doesn’t help them overcome their fear of failure. Still the ghost wins.
I feel societies empower this ghost with their pressure and stereotypes of some unexpected outcomes or behaviour that are commonly referred to as failure. That is why sometimes you find people afraid to say I don’t know and afraid to seek knowledge from younger people. I know people who consider being the second on the class a failure ???
We must not confuse not reaching an expected result or not achieving a certain goal with the tendency to be lazy or to not do one’s best. The difference is very clear. I have never been harsh with a student for not giving an unexpected outcome. I am the villain only if they chose to ignore their responsibilities and ignore the many opportunities they are given to do their work.
Anyway, why am I bringing this up now? Simply because I have been preaching about the role of failure in learning but I have never had an effective way to help students deal with it. Recently while working on a totally irrelevant subject, I stumbled upon the failure faire. In my opinion, it is a brilliant idea to showcase failures because:

The lessons you can learn from your mistakes will increase through such showcases and discussions.
It is also a strong step towards changing the social attitude towards the word failure. We simply need a different definition, and I feel failure faire is a good practical start.
Another great thing about such events is the possibility of finding a way out to take whatever was thought to be “not working” to “working”. In research communities, we are supposed to have informal talks when we get stuck in our research; this is simply to brain storm together for a solution. So, if we look at the researcher who got stuck as a failure, I seriously doubt that they will seek advice.
So, let us program our brains to perceive the word failed differently…. when you hear it…think this person is stuck, blocked, misunderstood, facing difficulties, learning, etc
Finally, I think FailureFaire should be a common and widely used behaviour especially among educators. That is what I am seriously thinking about, which reminds me why I started writing this post in the first place I would like to start such event with my class and I had several questions on my mind. I would love to get feedback on what could be the answer:

If something is incomplete, can it be listed as a failed attempt or project? If not, can we list it as successful? if not, should we have three categories: success, fail, incomplete??
Also, when to give up on a certain approach and declare it as failed? May be I didn’t do enough attempts to make it work and maybe there is one simple thing that can take it to success but I am still not there yet???
Any suggestions on how to best involve failure showcases in an academic course, should it have different planning than other showcases? Remember we don’t want to shy away from the term, we want to perceive it differently?
All your thoughts are highly appreciated

My CSEN lecturer wrote this, all credit to her, I loved to share it as it's very inspirational :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

More Motivation on Cardistry :

Check this out, it defines motivation for hard-work and dedication to achieve something you love!

Spencer Clark, produced by .theCuso

"Odd man Out"

Miquel Roman


Miquel Roman's Yutube Channel :

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Some "Random" Thoughts:

 why did I start "blogging" during my first year Engineering exams? well, education has driven me away from cardistry and magic for more than a year now, and it's ok, I though of some good motivation, to keep business running as my hands got slower, way and heavier too, imagine not playing guitar for a year or so then trying to play some good stuff you knew! you won't be at the same level, because you've forgotten some stuff, or even don't remember which cords to play in a certain song, that's what I'm facing now, forgotten many flourishes and some motion mechanics. I thought of starting this blog, to share what I do, and what I do is not that popular in my country few people know about cardistry, maybe two others in my area know about it, still not that popular form of art in here. Therefore, I thought of sharing Cardistry concepts here as I will back to business on 23rd of June, which is the date when I finish my exam, tomorrow I'll buy a "Bicycle Guardians" Deck and start practising maybe from scratch, though I still remember 3-8 flourishes but lost the perfectly done thing. I believe in a duration of a month or two, I'll be as good as I used to be and introduce more of the cardistry community to my area,which is a good motivation for me to work harder! :D

Secondly, You should know my love for collecting ear-buds from skull Candy :D
here's a look at my new arrivals!
They look awesome and sound awesome!

Although I major in Mechatronics engineering, not computer science or even software engineering, I love developing apps for myself, just for the fun of it! and me and a friend decided to develop a new App for android 2.3.7 and lower platforms of API level lower than 10 a guide for the place we live in, as we live in Rehab city- new Cairo, and my friend is in University dorms, which is next to my building, we agreed on developing a guide for the most active area in our place, Food court and Market place,  this should include a GPS guide to the place you want to go to, a rating submitted by users and a full area guide with menus, this seems practical but also a very hard task for us, so I've downloaded a Book, called commons ware- Android programming tutorial, which should help us through this awesome experience! LONG LIVE PROGRAMMING!


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Introducing Cardistry :
 First of all, as my twitter website link brought you here, and as you're reading the title of "Introducing Cardistry" .. You'd wonder what's cardistry?
 To begin with, Cardistry is an Art, Just like Graffiti, Music ..etc. but this is not as popular as some, here's the meaning of "cardistry" :  "Cardistry is the artistic movements of a deck of cards or a portion of the deck. This definition is generally exclusive of sleight of hand, which is the manipulation of cards that disguises an effect from the spectator. With Cardistry the effect is the manipulation of the cards and intended to be viewed by the spectator. Cardistry can also be known as Flourishing or Xtreme Card Manipulation (XCM) More on that in the history of Cardistry".


Cardistry has it's past from the world of magic particularly card magic. Card magicians have been performing flourishes for a very long time. Magicians have generally used flourishes as a way to accent their magic routines, or as a display of dexterity in between magic tricks. Jerry Cestkowski "The Flourishman" is the earliest known magician to specialize in card flourishes. He is an authoritative figure in the Cardistry/XCM/Flourishing community and his book "The encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes" (EoPCF) is known as the "Bible".
De'vo Von Schattenreich was the leading figurehead in the separation of Flourishes from Magic. De'vo became well know for his creativity and flourishing skill. Around 2001 De'vo proposed that flourishes could easily stand on their own apart from Magic routines, and his work greatly influenced the development as flourishes as a separate art form. To distance flourishes from magic, De'vo coined the phrase Xtreme Card Manipulation in 2004.
In 2006 as Flourishing and Xtreme Card Manipulation gained popularity, controversy began to arise in a sense of style and direction of the future for the community. Richard Z. coined the phrase "Cardistry" as a new term to define Flourishing and Card Manipulation as it's own art form. There was controversy and XCM and Cardistry generally became known for their different styles. Cardistry contained a style that relied more upon quick two handed cuts, whereas XCM became known for other artistic movements, especially armspreads and displays. Over the years, conflicts have been resolved, the terms Cardistry and XCM have been used interchangeably between Cardists, however the term flourishing, still implies a tie to magic. Where as it is understood that Cardistry and XCM are separate art forms.

I've been into Cardistry since I was 14 years, actually my performance never improved until I was 16 .. I mean 2 years of practice? this is too much! but for cardistry it's all about practicing everyday, to keep your hands running and flowing as you want. getting to know a new Flourish takes time, takes from a week to months depending on how "tough" the flourish is, taking panadora for example, I mastered it after a whole month!

so Cardistry is all about PRACTICE!

What do you think about cardistry ? let me know :)