Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Some "Random" Thoughts:

 why did I start "blogging" during my first year Engineering exams? well, education has driven me away from cardistry and magic for more than a year now, and it's ok, I though of some good motivation, to keep business running as my hands got slower, way and heavier too, imagine not playing guitar for a year or so then trying to play some good stuff you knew! you won't be at the same level, because you've forgotten some stuff, or even don't remember which cords to play in a certain song, that's what I'm facing now, forgotten many flourishes and some motion mechanics. I thought of starting this blog, to share what I do, and what I do is not that popular in my country few people know about cardistry, maybe two others in my area know about it, still not that popular form of art in here. Therefore, I thought of sharing Cardistry concepts here as I will back to business on 23rd of June, which is the date when I finish my exam, tomorrow I'll buy a "Bicycle Guardians" Deck and start practising maybe from scratch, though I still remember 3-8 flourishes but lost the perfectly done thing. I believe in a duration of a month or two, I'll be as good as I used to be and introduce more of the cardistry community to my area,which is a good motivation for me to work harder! :D

Secondly, You should know my love for collecting ear-buds from skull Candy :D
here's a look at my new arrivals!
They look awesome and sound awesome!

Although I major in Mechatronics engineering, not computer science or even software engineering, I love developing apps for myself, just for the fun of it! and me and a friend decided to develop a new App for android 2.3.7 and lower platforms of API level lower than 10 a guide for the place we live in, as we live in Rehab city- new Cairo, and my friend is in University dorms, which is next to my building, we agreed on developing a guide for the most active area in our place, Food court and Market place,  this should include a GPS guide to the place you want to go to, a rating submitted by users and a full area guide with menus, this seems practical but also a very hard task for us, so I've downloaded a Book, called commons ware- Android programming tutorial, which should help us through this awesome experience! LONG LIVE PROGRAMMING!


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